About Us

Welcome to Lone Star Cold Storage, a privately owned and operated refrigerated warehouse located in Richardson, TX. Lone Star operates with a simple yet important mission:

     To provide a service level to our customers that is often advertised but seldom delivered. Our facilities provide the room, racks, and refrigeration but it is our people who provide the service that sets Lone Star Cold Storage apart from the rest. At Lone Star Cold Storage each individual is considered an important link in creating a team dedicated to uncompromising quality and customer service.     

When experience counts, you can rely on Lone Star Cold Storage. Our staff has well over ten decades of experience in the Public Refrigerated Warehousing industry.

Lone Star Cold Storage is a proud member of:

  Lone Star Cold Storage
401 North Grove Rd
Richardson, TX 75081
Tel: (866) 373-2291
Tel: (214) 239-2727
Fax: (214) 239-2730